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Both Revital quarries are in picturesque locations... which make for unique minerals deep underground.

The Uruti quarry is situated in the rugged foot hills of Mt Egmont, Taranaki.  The Cambridge quarry is alongside the bank of the peaceful Waikato River.  

The Plateaus along the river banks which we are privilegded to own a few acres of and have consents to recycle, are fill of rich soil deposits and colourful layers of minerals.

These range in size from football size rocks down to small and pretty decorative stones and then seive out to seams of silt sands.  All this product has flowed out from the great The Oruanui eruption of the Taupo volcano which was the world's largest known eruption in the past 70,000 years. It occurred around 26,500 years ago and generated approximately 430 km³ of pyroclastic fall deposits.  This eruption drastically changed our landscape and we have much pleasure in sharing the beautiful aggregate from this volcano with you.

Up on the surface we scrape back and stock pile the rich topsoil which is packed with nutrients.  It is screened  to remove big stone and is very popular on golf courses, park developments and lawns. Due to our ever changing climate the need to rebuild the soil structure in a lawn is just as important as feeding it vital nutrients.

Underneath the soil, hidden gems of sand and stone is harvested by specialist machines and then transported to a processing plant where it grades the minerals with vibrating screens, hydro cyclones and dryers. Once the procuct is washed it shows a wealth of colours and even more so when used for exposed aggregate.

These sand & soil minerals are the leading brands in today’s trends whether it be an Equestrian, Commercial or Residential development and are marketed under the brands names; Hoki poki, Equisand, Supersoil, Grow well and Tuff n Tumble.  These brands are well known and most can be purchased from your local landscape supply yards or direct from us.



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