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 Revital Aggregate Brands;

Hoki Poki & Uruti Stone, Supersoil, Equisand & a range of other sand grades.

Hoki Poki & Uruti Stone.  These are decorative stones that show their true colours once mined, washed & screened into the four grades: mini, small, medium & large.  The Hoki Poki is famous for its earthly gold, brown & creme coloured tones.   The Uruti stone is more the stunning blue, grey, jade & white marble shades.  Both as popular as each other in a range different uses.

Hoki Poki/ Uruti Large:  A large 30-80 mm stone used in the landscaping trade for specimen gardens with 1 cubic meter covering approx 8.

Hoki Poki/ Uruti Medium:  A 12-25 mm stone which is very much sought after for exposed concrete driveways, paths & entrances.  When sealed shows a wealth of natures coloured beauty.  Also can be used for landscaping with 1 cubic meter covering approx 12m2

Hoki Poki Small:  A 7-12 mm decorative stone, ideal for loose paths, but also now used for driveways that require a finer look.

Hoki Poki Mini: A 3-7 mm pebble used for pipe bedding around Nova Flo and general drainage applications.



Revital Supersoil is Waikato’s virgin topsoil from the plateaus of the Waikato River.

This soil has been processed through a specialized screen taking away any un-necessary larger stone while still leaving a filter grade for drainage while producing a lush green lawn.

12mm grade highly recommended for new lawns filling in large areas, patching & top dressing of existing lawns, sports fields, council reserves & general landscaping.

Revitals virgin Supersoil is free draining & open with a high organic content providing excellent water holding properties & germination.

With our new improved storage facilities Revital is able to provide dry topsoil all year round.

We also have available dry unscreened topsoil which is used for raising areas where a quality product is not needed.

A cost effective product as it comes this can be clumpy and contain stones sticks etc.

Ideal for:

Filling in large areas, behind retaining walls.  Raising land up, raised mounds etc.




This is the brand behind the surfaces of numerous horse arenas & trotting tracks.

Our Waikato quarry is located in Cambridge, this is also home to many of the worlds most famous equine legends and land used by some of NZ's highest producing dairy farms.  We are fortunate to beable to draw some of NZ's best sand and trial it locally under these experts guidance.

Equisand - formally known as Equestrian Sand brings an excellent quality look & feel with a fine texture.

Our light gold coloured sand is suitable for horse gallops, arenas and grey hound tracks as it provides a firm free draining surface.

No stones – safer for horse and riders

Washed free of silt & clay so surface won’t compact & get hard

An affordable base for indoor & outdoor arenas

Read the rave reviews we have received of this product in our feedback page!

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