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TUFF N' TUMBLE Playground Bark
Certified for all play areas

Certified for all play areas

Processors of Sand, Stone & Topsoil

Endorsed by some of the worlds best Horsemen & Women

harvested from the plateaus of the Waikato River

"This arena sand has a great amount of cushioning" - Wayne Epsley International

Because we care about NZ!


In 1996 we started our dream of a cleaner, greener and healthier NZ.

 For years, as a hardworking family on our rugged farm in Taranaki, we reaped the benefits of vermicast & compost on our pastures & crops thanks to our own worm farm & small composting operation.  As a result of the financial and sustainable results we achieved, we had the desire to 'go organic and farm worms' on a commercial scale so we could share these natural, but hugely effective results with the rest of NZ.  To kick start the programme we invested thousands of dollars into Tiger Worms for increased Vermicast production.  We also went through the rigorous process of gaining resource consents to start processing green waste into beautiful organic compost.  From that, our family business continues to expand with the demand for our ever growing list of quality products and the wealth of knowledge we offer first hand.

 The Revital dream continues to evolve and we now share it with hundreds of other like-minded New Zealanders...  people that not only care about their crops, animal intake and pretty gardens, but those who are researching, trialling and yielding great profits from this sustainable way of life.  As the world wakes up to the realisation that it’s this generation - not the next - that needs to change the face of the earth, Revital keeps recycling green waste, wooden pallets, food scraps and aggregates. We recycle because we want to keep NZ clean and green.

 The myths behind being a greenie will always be there, and yes, we love being green, but we have 'put the science into organic recycling.'   The chemistry behind organic is the fun part and this is where we come into play. Naturally, we love a challenge and our great team of staff are always striving for better soil test results, higher yields and more satisfied customers. 

 We passionately call this 'The Revital difference'.

 The processes that our products go through before they get to the end user is a timely and stringent one.  Our desire to produce such high quality products is well rewarded when we have Fertiliser customers with soil that teams with life again after years of chemical abuse, Growwell customers with bountiful, colourful gardens & Aggregate customers with solid masonry products & 

The Revital profile has grown rapidly over the years and has expanded to have 3 composting and vermicast yards in Taranaki, one in Tauranga and one in the Waikato.  

 At the Waikato and Uruti sites we have quarries (Revital Aggregates) operating over many acres of land.  Every day we are excavating unique coloured stone and beautiful sand.  In the production line this is screened, washed and either sold in bulk or bagged.   

 At the Revital Group we are passionate about the products we produce and services we offer, this has eventuated over years of test & trial - trust us.  

 Make a move in our direction & experience the Revital difference...

Proven Benefits with sustainable results

Revital Growwell... 

Production & Sales of;

Bagged Fertiliser, Compost, Potting & Seed mixes & Bottled Vermicast

Distributor of; 

'TUFF N’ TUMBLE' our grade of playground bark certified by the Ministry of Education for use in all playgrounds.




Revital Aggregates...

Excavators & processors of sand & stone from the Revital quarries in Cambridge and Uruti

Well known for our popular brands;

Hoki Poki Stone

Uruti Stone





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