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Feedback - Revital Compost 50

Trebilco Orchards consist of 36 canopy ha mainly around the Katikati region.

We have several varietys G14, G3, green conventional, and green organics

We have been loyal customers with Revital since 1997 with orders up to 250 tonne a year, mainly 50/50 chicken/compost.

Over the years I have found all Revital staff easy to work with. Timing of application is key, I need a high quality consistent product that is value for money, spread at the right time and over the years have had no problems with ( Phil ) and the Revital  team accommodating my needs.

With the need to get away from synthetic fertilisers, Compost is a great option. It's full of macro and micronutrients, releases fert slowly and helps sandy loam retain water and nutrients . A 5% increase in organic material quadruples soils water holding capacity. It also buffers the soil neutralising both acid and alkaline soils bringing ph levels to optimum range for nutrient availability to plants.

These are some of the many reasons we use compost and will keep using Revital compost in our successful orchard management.

Glenn Roberts - Trebilco Orchards.








 Feedback - Revital 30

I just wanted to write to your company to say how impressed I am with the results we have got back from using the Revital 30 fertiliser at our stud.

Initially we were skeptical about using an organic fertiliser after years of applying chemical based prducts. But after not seeing much difference after each application and after doing some research on Organic fertilisers we decided that we were pretty silly not to make the change.  We have always farmed sheep and beef behind the horses and so our paddocks were clean and weed free, but we just werent getting much good growth and the paddocks were basically 'horse sick'.

So after applying Revital 30 with added lime (and I must say, the day the truck was spreading it, I was tempted to tell him to stop, because we had chicken manure and dirt flying out the back - not white granules like I have grown up to see) we have had to completely change our way of synthetic farming. We are a horse stud with over 50 equine friends and the same in cattle and sheep.  It took a couple of months to see any action in the paddocks becasue we had no rain, but when we got that first decent downpour, it washed the compost and chook manure in and the condition of our soil slowly but steadily turned from sour to sweet. The funny thing was, we expected it to happen and then stop.  But it didnt! It continued to improve and grass continued to grow. We have experienced two consecutive droughts and a really wet winter, we have had no shortage of feed and our soil condition is rife with life!  We have just cut hay and got double what we did in previous years!  Your stuff is awesome, it has made the way we farm alot less stressful and more profitable. Every year we put fert on our land so it hasnt cost us anymore, (infact less) but the only change we made was the type of fert we put on.  I wish we had started using organic ferts years ago, after all it makes sense. the earth is organic, so why not put back in what gets taken out?  

(Also a special mention to your Waikato sales rep - she has a wealth of knowledge about Organic farming and is happy to share it with anyone.  She is always available which meant alot to us as we were a bit green on the whole Organic thing. - she didnt make us feel like learners!)

Yours Happily & Organically!



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