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Why Revital fertiliser?

As you like it:

The Revital product range can be completely customised to suit the unique soil and growing conditions on individual farms, horticultural blocks and in orchards.

A ‘multi-vitamin’ for plants: 

Revital contains essential plant nutrients such as nitrates, exchangeable phosphorous, soluble potassium, calcium and magnesium in forms that are readily available to plants. 

Soil’s nutrient energy store:

Revital is rich in humus which stores and releases nutrients to plants as they require them. Humus also provides a food source for beneficial soil micro-organisms which help maintain and improve soil health. 

Natural plant health-provider:

Revital contains humic acids which are essential for healthy and productive soil. Humic acids retain nutrients in soils and prevent them from leaching. Humic acids also reduce soil compaction by expanding clay molecules. 

Structural strength:

Revital is rich in natural plant growth hormones which increase root permeability and development. The better the root structure, the better the plants ability to absorb nutrients and moisture. This helps make plants more nutritious and drought-resistant.

Nutrient navigator:

With a large surface area and a high cation exchange capacity, Revital naturally stores nutrients in a form readily available to plants for release upon demand.

Greater microbial diversity:

Revital contains a diverse microbial population. When Revital is applied, it inoculates the soil with beneficial micro-organisms which continue to grow and improve soil fertility and productivity.

Shock absorber:

With a neutral pH, Revital improves the buffering capacity of soil.


Revital Compost has been scientifically proven to suppress certain plant diseases & pests. 

Gives 100%:

Revital Compost enhances the performance of other fertilisers, including traditional NPK fertilisers. This results in better plant growth without excess fertiliser use. 

Easily used:

Revital is easy to use and is applied using normal spreaders, sprayers or in pelletised form.

Scientific credibility:

International studies have proven that Revital Compost based products increase both yield and quality in a range of crops

Custom Blends

At Revital we understand that everyone has diffferent requirements and our custom blends reflect this.  We will look carefully at your soils and add the nutrients required to optimise your soils performance.

The blends below are standard blends only.  Please talk to your feild representaive about our custom blends.















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