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About Revital Growwell...

In short, we let Revital fertilisers to do all the the hard decomposing work and then we have the pleasure in bagging & bottling the beautiful end product.

Growwell has been manufacturing and bagging a full range of organic garden products since 2000 and throughout this process we are 100% committed to quality.

Growwells premium products are the Bio Gro certified Organic Grow-all and the Revital Growwell compost.

We also offer potting mixes, seed mixes, bulb & cactus mix and a complete range of garden fertilisers including products such as sheep pellets, blood and bone.

The basis of all our Growwell products is our quality compost which is sourced, decomposed, shredded, mulched, screened and bagged at one of our 5 certified organic processing yards.  This product is then blended with other fertilisers to create a balance between nutrient status and organic requirements that are necessary for vigourous plant growth.

We are confident that our customers will see the benefits that the Revital Growwell products have to offer.  Increasingly gardeners are looking for organically certified products to ensure optimum plant health and also help to provide long term benefits for the enviroment.

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