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Feedback...Growwell Organic Compost.

After having used a considerable amount of this product over the last 18mths I would like to pass on my findings.

I used the Organic Compost as a lawn leveller and fertiliser, the topsoil was excavated from where a 30 year old pine tree plantation had been removed and there just wasnt any life in the new lawn at all.  

I looked at the possibility of bringing in screened topsoil but the price and the fact that I still needed to apply fertiliser put me right off going down that track.  I applied the Growwell Organic Compost and thankfully it rained after I applied it.  Two weeks later the green starter to appear!  It was unbeleivable the transformation that had taken place.  Now we are 8 months into levelling the entire 3 acres of lawn with the compost and it is very apparent just where the compost has been applied and where it hasnt.  

It is unbelievable the transformation that has taken place!

From Kevin.


more Compost feedback...

"I use the Growwell Organic compost in the Vegetable garden and Orchard"

Firstly I wanted a garden bed that didnt grow weeds, so I used 200x100 macrocarpa sleepers and made garden beds 2 metres by 1 and filled them up with a qtr of a cube of Compost.  This was an experimental project and first I had to know what the PH level was for this product, Growwell informed me that the PH was in the range of 7, which is a good starting level for vegetables.  I also tested the PH becasue I wanted to adjust according to what I was growing and found the starting level was around the 7 mark!

To date I have grown potatoes, coriander, parsely, rose,ary, thyme, blue berries, blackberries, boysenberries, strawberries, beetroot, cape gooseberries, peas, cabbage, silver beet, broccoli, spring onions, shallots, garlic, red onion, radishes, rocket, all types of lettuce, pumpkin, cucmber and even a sprinkling of flowers for colour.  So far these hasnt been a failure of anything, the rapid healthy growth never fails to amaze me, so much so that it makes me wonder why I have been doing all the hard yards and sometimes poor results in the gardens over my lifetime.  Never in my life have I grown such HUGE strawberries as what I can now.  And so far this summer we have pulled approx 5 weeds out of ten garden beds!  Seeds can be sown straight into the compost, as I have done and as yet I havent had any failures. 

In the orchard I used the compost around the trees out to the dripline instead of the mulch, once again the results are great.

In summing up I would say that the Growwell Organic Compost is a truely amazing product, now there is no need to have fertilisers for this and that, and its so easy to use and is well priced.  Because of my weed free trial working so well, I can now enjoy my gardening even more so.

Happy Gardening!

From, Anomynous.


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