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Products available in the Growwell range...

Organic Compost 30ltr                    

Grow All 30ltr                

Organic Outdoor Potting Mix 30ltr

Organic Indoor Potting Mix 30ltr

Mulch and Grow 30ltr

Blood and Bone 8kg

Blood and Bone 20kg

Citrus Tree Fertiliser 10kg

Citrus Tree Fertiliser 20kg

Rose Fertiliser 10kg

Rose Fertiliser 20kg

Acid Fertiliser 10kg

Acid Fertiliser 20kg

General Garden Fertiliser 10kg

General Garden Fertiliser 20kg

Potato Fertiliser 8kg

Sheep Pallets 8kg

Sheep Pallets 20kg

Lawn Fertiliser #1 and #2 10kg

Lawn Fertiliser #1 and #2 20kg

Lime 10kg

Dolomite 10kg


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